Types of House Spiders in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach is home to a variety of spider species, each with its unique characteristics and behaviors. From the delicate orb weavers to the intimidating wolf spiders, there's no shortage of arachnid diversity in this coastal town. Whether you're a spider enthusiast or simply curious about the creepy crawlies around you, read on to learn about the fascinating spider species you might encounter in Myrtle Beach.

Common House Spiders in Myrtle Beach

The most common types of spiders in Myrtle Beach are wolf spiders, garden spiders, brown recluses, house spiders, and black widows. Each spider is unique in both physical appearance and behavior, and it’s important to learn the differences to protect your home and family. 

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are a fascinating species of arachnid known for their agility and speed. They are usually brown or gray in color and have a distinct pattern of markings on their backs which can help with identification. Wolf spiders are also known for their large, prominent eyes, which give them excellent vision during hunts. To identify a wolf spider, look for a combination of these physical characteristics and their active hunting behavior.

wolf spider

Garden Spiders

Garden spiders, also known as orb weavers, are common in many areas and can be identified by their large, round webs and distinctive coloring. These spiders typically have a tan or brown body with black and yellow markings on their abdomen. They are harmless to humans and play a beneficial role in controlling insect populations in your garden. If you spot a garden spider, it's best to simply admire it from a safe distance and let it continue its important work.

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Common House Spiders

When it comes to house spiders, it's important to know what you're dealing with. These eight-legged creatures can range in size and color but typically have two main body segments and eight eyes. One way to identify them is to look for the tell-tale cobwebs they spin around your home. You may also spot them scurrying across the floor or hanging out in a corner. The common house spider is harmless, but this doesn’t guarantee every spider that walks into your house is friendly. Keep an eye out for brown recluses and black widows in your home. 

house spider

Brown Recluse

Brown recluses, also known as violin spiders, are a type of venomous spider found in Myrtle Beach. They are usually light to dark brown in color, with a distinctive violin-shaped marking on their back. Brown recluses are about the size of a quarter and have six eyes instead of the usual eight for spiders. It is important to identify these spiders as they can cause serious injury if bitten. If you suspect a brown recluse spider is in your home, contacting a pest control professional for safe removal is best.

brown recluse

Black Widows

The notorious venomous spiders, black widows, can be recognized by their shiny black bodies and distinctive red hourglass-shaped markings on their abdomens. These spiders are commonly found in dark, damp places like wood piles, basements, and crawl spaces. It's important to be cautious around black widows as their venom can harm humans, causing symptoms like muscle pain, cramps, and difficulty breathing. If you suspect you've encountered a black widow, it's best to call a professional to remove it safely.

black widow

What is the Biggest Spider in South Carolina?

The Carolina Wolf Spider is the biggest spider in South Carolina. They are similar in appearance to other wolf spiders but range from 3-4 inches in length. While their size is intimidating, wolf spiders are not venomous, and their bites typically only cause itching. However, they can cause allergic reactions in some. 

How Many Different Types of Spiders Are There? 

There are more than 40,000 species of spiders in the world! Here in the United States, there are only around 3,500, and even fewer here in Myrtle Beach. Luckily, most spiders in our area are harmless, but that doesn’t mean you should keep them around if you find them in your home. 

Getting Rid of a Spider Infestation

Do you have a spider problem in your home? Don't fear; we've got you covered. Here are some steps you can take to get rid of those pesky arachnids:

  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free to eliminate hiding spots.
  • Seal up any cracks or holes in walls, windows, and doors.
  • Use natural repellents such as citrus, peppermint, or vinegar to deter spiders.
  • Set sticky traps or use a vacuum to capture spiders and remove them from your home.

Call Beach Pest Service for Spider Control 

When it comes to spider control, DIY methods only work in the short term. You need a professional pest service that can rid your home of those creepy crawly pests once and for all. Beach Pest Service offers top-notch spider control that is both effective and efficient. Our team of experts knows exactly how to locate and eliminate any spider infestation, leaving your home spider-free. Choose Beach Pest Service for the best spider exterminators in Myrtle Beach!

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